KYRA Sub Rosa Collection

“Found within the grooves of a wooden park bench is the spirit of this piece.
Smooth to rough when brushed in opposite directions.
The grain, assembled by free-will,  free to 
unrestricted, wonder,   winterland.”
an impromptu KYRA collection,

Sub Rosa

sub rosa

[suhb roh-zuh]
confidentially; secretly; privately.

The KYRA Sub Rosa Collection was released on December 31,2015 as an impromptu collection. The words “wonder, winter land”  illustrate this collection best. Icy- blue organza fabric is textured with hand-set pleats.  The pleating in these pieces are manipulated to mimic the grain of a wooden park bench or the motion of rushing water.

Smooth to rough when brushed in opposite directions…” ; This description speaks of the texture of a piece of wood. It also explains why the edges of the garment facing upward are raw and the downward hems are neatly finished.

Each look in this collection is designed to have a whimsical personality -reminiscent of a human doll. Model, Brooke Wood, is painted in silver and accessorized with M!ecstatic jewelry designs. The underlying theme for this collection is free will. The freedom to create without restriction, a theme that will recur consistently in KYRA . .

Hair,Makeup,Creative Direction, Photography by Kemi Alao

Model: Brooke Wood

Jewelry by M!ecstatic Jewelry Designs



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