#styleKYRA with Sophia Anderson


Meet Sophia Anderson

Self-published Author with exceptional personal style. This week  for #styleKYRA, Sophia combined her wardrobe with our
pieces to create outfits suitable for leisure activities. Each look exudes style and comfort.  View images from the shoot and more about Sophia below.

Stripes on Stripes////////



Top: Pinstripe Wrap Shirt $30 (kyraclothing.com) Pants: Thrifted Shoes: Grey suede pumps.

Earth- tone color scheme complimented by metallics.


Semi-Casual look perfect for Brunch Meet-ups

Dress: Mini Shift Dress $54 Coat: Embroidered coat Bag: Thrifted Shoes: Lace up heels



Top: Pinstripe Wrap Top $30 (kyraclothing.com)

Skirt: Denim Wrap Skirt $86 (kyraclothing.com)

Hat: Suede Boy Cap


s7About Sophia

Sophia Anderson was born and raised in Houston, Texas, the youngest of five children.  At sixteen she traveled to Paris to study writing and published her own book, titled The Pink Moonlight, at eighteen years old. Playing piano is her escape, writing is her talent, and reading is her hobby. Yet, none of this could’ve been done without coffee. Read our interview with Sophia below. 

Interview with Sophia Anderson by Designer, Kemi Alao.

1. What the key factors of a perfect outfit, for you?

Sophia: “The key factors of a perfect outfit for me are low cut trousers, a crop-top, heels, and a small clutch. Paris Hilton 2001 inspo forever.”

2. What were your favorite elements about the KYRA pieces you selected?
Sophia: “My favorite elements about the KYRA pieces that I selected were their likeness to my own style. I like their boldness and their ability to be paired so easily with my own clothes to create an everyday look.”
3. If your style could be characterized by a book/poem/song, what would would that book/poem/song be? Or does it exist yet? 
Sophia: “With the influence of the dress her personality had also undergone a change. The intense vitality that had been so remarkable in the garage was now converted into impressive hauteur.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald. This is one of my favorite quotes in regards to clothes/style.  Whatever it is that you clothe your body with, your personality and demeanor also change to fit that specific piece. At least for me.”
4. Where can we purchase your book, The Pink Moonlight?
You can purchase my book online on Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

 Stay tuned for next week’s feature. View first on IG Story.

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